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Arnaldo Dante Momigliano, KBE (5 September – 1 September ) was an Italian historian known for his work in historiography, characterised by Donald Kagan as "the world's leading student of the writing of history in the ancient world". Arnaldo Dante Momigliano, KBE (5 September – 1 September ) was an Italian historian known for his work in historiography, characterised by Donald Kagan as "the world's leading student of the writing of history in the ancient world".

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Warburg Institute Colloquia volumes in the last few years (click or hover over cover images for further information) The Legacy of Arnaldo Momigliano, Ancient History and the Antiquarian: Essays in Memory of Arnaldo Momigliano, edited by Michael H. Crawford and C. R. Ligota.

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Twentieth-century reflections on philology could be said to begin with Arnaldo Momigliano (–87) and Michel Foucault (–84). Momigliano’s lapidary essays demonstrate that historical scholarship is at heart grounded in philological mastery and close attention to.

Arnaldo momigliano essays for scholarships
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