Dissertation scholarships for women

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Graduate Scholarships

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Women's Philanthropy Institute Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

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Scholarships for Women

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Opportunities for Graduate Study

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The fellowship is for emerging scholars who focus in the area of women’s philanthropy or gender differences in philanthropic behavior. The fellowship is intended to support research and dissertation writing for those who are close to completing their dissertations. Women's College Scholarships, Grants & Fellowships.

To provide scholastic and career opportunities to women nationwide, numerous scholarship providers have created scholarships for women. The prestigious WW Women's Studies Fellowships support the final year of dissertation writing for Ph.D.

candidates in the humanities and social sciences whose work addresses topics of women and gender in interdisciplinary and original ways. Women represent only 29% of workers in America’s 20 highest-paid jobs.

Financial aid & scholarships

Various types of scholarships are offered specifically for women. Some award academic performance and leadership skills, while others encourage women to pursue graduate studies or careers that are traditionally male-dominated, such as business, science, engineering, and technology.

One of most acclaimed African-American student scholarships is the Ron Brown Scholar Program. At least ten students receive African american scholarship awards of up to $10, per year for four years of education at any university in the United States.

Dissertation scholarships for women
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