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Medicine & Humanities: The Andrew Vincent White and Florence Wales White Graduate Student Scholarship, – The Andrew Vincent White and Florence Wales White Scholarship will be awarded to one or more regularly enrolled full-time UC graduate students working in appropriate fields.

*Students will receive further reading recommendations, including scholarly books and articles, fiction, and essays that are relevant to the study of medicine and humanities.

**Other educational opportunities and activities to enrich students’ experiences may be added to the curriculum during the program, per the discretion of the Track Director. Suburban Hospital Casey Scholarships Award: $5, Applicant must be a current employee who is enrolled in a nursing or allied health (e.g.

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radiology technology, respiratory therapy, medical technology, physical therapy, physical therapy assistant, occupational therapy, or physician assistant) undergraduate program or a non-employee who is.

Lists of scholarships by state, major, and type. Search college scholarships by deadline and difficulty. Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Scholarships Application deadline is Friday, October 13! Conduct interdisciplinary research under the guidance of two faculty mentors.

The Undergraduate Research Center for the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences serves all students in humanities, arts, social science, and behavioral science. Information about Scholarships, Essay Contest & Awards from Department of Family and Consumer Studies at the University of Utah.

College of Humanities Scholarships. law or medicine.

Humanities and medicine essays for scholarships
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